Astral worms

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Astral worms

Post by Nefer on Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:25 pm

Hello everybody.

First of all, let me tell you that is extremely difficult for a person to contract this kind of parasites, because usually the eteric body has a self defense, natural mechanism. This is similar to the physical immune system.
And it is in the eteric body where this type of parasites lives.

The astral worms are low level beings, like bugs (disgusting) that are in big proportions. They attach to your aura and feed on your energy, making you progressibly weak. They can also make you acquire unhealthy habits.
They look more o less like the picture.
Some people believe that the worms arrive to your body when you were a very vicious person, and you leave the path, for one full of life and spirituality, it is said that they arrive to your body to remind you of the pleasures.

Risks factors to acquire one of these ugly bugs

1. The death of a closer member of the family or a person who is close to you emotionally speaking.
2. Abortion: caused by the baby's aura that weakens inside you.
3. Surgery and drugs.: It’s not meaningful to smoke. Its just a temporary relief. Same principle for other drugs.
4.Loses of energy: when you practice a lot of different kinds of magic, or an ability .We spend a lot of energy and they can attack in that moment, when our defenses are low.
5. When we travel to the astral. It can also happen when we touch an object of somebody else that contains dark/bad energy- like a quartz or metal-. When we are near unhealthy people too. But you usually must be very weak.

How do we know when we have one of these bugs?

1. They manipulate our mind with the purpose of generate desires like drinking, sex, sugar..

2. They can also generate us deeper traumas like depression, personality disorder. In those cases the key factor is time. Or people which are by nature very submissive or weak.

3. They can also provoque energetic disorders that are extrinsically. Like blocks. This is because are external beings.

How to eliminate them

1. Burning incense
2. Putting sulphur in the shoes. Burning sulphur in the house (be careful because it’s very toxic. Please do it with open windows and doors )
3. Keep the house clean if possible without bugs.
4. Do baths with herbal plants: Rue, roses, pine, and sage once a week. For preparing the plants: put a few leaves of the plant and make it boil for ten minutes. And then after the normal shower we put the infusion in the skin. (In the body: specially the head, the elbow the armpit. Careful with the temperature). If possible dont towel and dress up immediately.

5. Take a white dish, we draw with salt a cross and we put a quarter of lemon in the center. (of the intersection) put these under the bed till we fell clean the environment.
6. Keep the house clean. Make sure that enters sunlight, this is very important. Natural sun light keeps astral beings away.


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