How to get rid of ghost (drive away)

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How to get rid of ghost (drive away)

Post by Nefer on Sat Dec 01, 2012 4:58 pm

This topic is for those who suffer with a ghost, if you normally see ghost, but they are not doing any wrong to you, like chasing, scaring... then you dont need to "get rid" of them. Remember ghost, spirits are like insects, they are everywhere, if we dont bother them they will not bother us, except for those who came to steal your energy. When we are impact by something scary we release energy, this kind of ghost absorve such energy. In this cases, if we feel haunted, then this list will help you.

1. This recipe, sorry is in spanish but I will translate for you.
Find a plastic plate (disposable)
With any kind of salt, draw a cross (even if you believe or not in religions, the cross is a symbol very old)
In the intersection of the salt (cross) place a quarter of lemon, this mean you have to slice a lemon in 4 equal pieces.
Put this under your bed for 7 days if necessary change it.
Here the video

2. On every corner of your house (inside and outside) place a hand of salt (again, any kind) This will clean negative energy.

3. On every corner of your house (inside and outside) place some coriander, again this will clean negative energy (some ghost dont like)

This is very basic, if you continue with problems please post it on personal stories and we will help you. Wink

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