Some of my stories

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Some of my stories

Post by Nefer on Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:02 pm

Hi Neferians! XDD

This post will have some of those creepy moments I have experienced.

1. When I was still sharing bed with my parents. during the daylight I yelled to my mother, then that night I was fealing uneasy and I could not sleep, for no reason I saw the room´s door was open, and suddently a hand appear on one side, it was heary only in the back, and seemed sticky like sweaty. I knew all my brothers were sleeping at that time, so I totally freak out and cover with my blankets again, I tried to wake up my mom but without results. Some minutes passed, and I quietly look again to the door and the hand was gone. Shocked

2. When I finally had my own bed. It was during the night, alone in my room, I went to bed very happy that day Very Happy but at the moment I rest my head on the pillow a person suddently appeared in front of me, he was pale, blond hair, he was yelling at me, but without voice, so he was oppening his mouth amazingly, I just cover my face and pray desperately... some minutes passed, and open a little hole and look out and luckly thiss guy was gone Neutral
The next nights I was very scared to sleep.

3. When I was living with my first boyfriend, I was alone that day, with fever... I stayed on bed all day, taking care of myself alone, suddently on the passage to the next room I saw two persons, elders, they where looking back to me, they walked to my door and said "poor child all alone"
And left to the kitchen!! (my kitchen..) behind them, a floating basket, with fruits on it, move to the kitchen too confused
I stand up with all my strenght and close the door to my room T_T and waited all the rest of the day, until my boyfriend came back home.

And this is for today, I will tel you more some other day cheers

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