How to see ghost

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How to see ghost

Post by Nefer on Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:57 pm

This is a list of what I have learn (some) and what I have being told. Please be very carefull, ghost are every where, on every house, they are like insects, so: If you dont bother them they will not bother you. Smile

If you hear noices, frames falling, disches being broken, tv turns on or off or channels are changed, there is a ghost, normally they "eat" the energy produced by scarying us.

First you need to lacated them, look for the coolest part of our house, sence with your hands, you will find a cooler spot. There is your ghost.

1. If you know there is a ghost, then talk to this entity, be very polite, say hello, dont say your name, and let him know: Mr ghost (mustache) you dont freak me anymore, please, leave this house, you are not going to obtain energy from here.
2. In the case you dont whant to help: "Mr ghost, if you need anything understand that I cant listen to you, look for help somewhere else.
3. In the case you do whant to help: Sr Mr Ghost, I cant understand, please let know what you need to my guardian he may help you. OR, "Mr ghost, I cant hear you, but we can meet in one of my dreams and you can tell me what is it that you need. If you feel really really bad, sick, then dont try to invite them to your dreams.
4. Dont play the ouija, that opens portals that let anything comes to your house, ( like taking a bag with rouches inside your house) There may or may not be nice ones, but dont take the risk.
5. Japan culture says that if you walk inside a building with an open umbrella you will see a ghost.
6. Play hide and seek, during the night in a forest, the one that finds must carry a cat, at the end there will be one persona that a ghost is hiding, the only way to see this person is realising the cat, he will runs to the ghost and behind this ghost is the missing person.
7. Brush your hair 12 times, once every second to midnight, looking to a mirror with a lit candle in front. A ghost will appear on your back.
8. Use on you eyes, dog tears.
9. Walk backwards on a cementery, you will hit a ghost.

Remember dont panic! Cool


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