Guardian Angel, how to comunicate with them

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Guardian Angel, how to comunicate with them

Post by Nefer on Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:03 pm

Hello there!

What im about to explain is very important to all of us, we all need to learn how to listen our own personal guardian.

On religions they call them Angels, but they preffer being called Guardians.

We all have our own guardian, they dont have gender, the are asexuals. But they may see more male o female, or even like something else.

They are different kind of spirits, there are thousands of kinds...

They don say their names, this is something that maybe with time and confidence they may revel. (and I mean a lot of confidence)

How to talk to them:

Ok first we need to sit down (first time) relax, act normal, loose your body.. and then with your mind or by talking ask this: Guardian, are you here?

Guardians may or may not talk, they normally tranfer feeling that our brain transform into words, they may answer by touching you, so you may feel tickles or perhaps like if you have a bug on your hair, maybe you will suffer goosebumps. But that is normal. Remember this: he is always next to you, all the time. Feel free to ask questions and create a code if necessary.

Do not ask for proves like for example: move this pencil! ¬ ¬ ok please dont.

For any actions they need energy, dont make them waste their energy, humans normally claim proves where they must see, realease your mind of proves, and learn how to identify new and extraordinary feelings, and understanding.

Our happiness is their happiness, they love us (not in sexual terms afro ) and they help us all the time, leading us to the proper way to optain our dreams to come true.

But they need energy, the easiest way is by praying, to the God you bealive, no matter which one, to the one you believe or even mother earth, you need to pray asking for energy for your guardian. With all your effort and heart into it.

Also, you can gather energy for them by practicing meditation.

If you whant to learn or develope any ability, they will help, teaching you the best personal way. (like kinesis or other abilities)

If have any other questions please im right here, and yes I speak to my guardian since years. o.-


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