Rules for Neferians

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Rules for Neferians

Post by Nefer on Fri Nov 30, 2012 6:09 pm

Hi Everyone! Rules are simple, please read carefully study

1- Do not Spam: If you post and remember something else, edit your last post right away.
2- Be polite, respect others, do not use mean words.
3- Talk with the truth, dont try to be "famous" just say what you consider.. or think.
4- Do not post sexual content.
5- Speak freely, but with respect. handle nice all critics or different thoughts.
6. Dont fight, if you have a complain send it through PM, to the other member or the admin. Dont post causing fights and spam.
7. Do not post your real name, adress, e-mail, this is in order to protect you, in a case you whant to share this info, do it on PM. (Private message)
8. Do not threat others.
9. Do not act misterious, for example: "oh yeah I know about it but I have forbidden to talk" If you know something and you cant say, just dont post anything.
10. Do not post content that leads to etnic discrimination, or teaches how to do any kind of crime.
11. Dont sell medications Neutral
12. Dont post spells.

lalala thats it!

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